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Book Trailers for Books in the SLC Library Collection

Some of these trailers are student-created and contain spelling/grammar errors.

Book Trailer Videos by Author

Authors A-C

Bardugo, Siege and Storm (YouTube)

Baron, Defriended – Student-Created (YouTube)

Benway, Also Known As – Author Interview (YouTube)

Berry, All the Truth That’s in Me (YouTube)

Black, Doll Bones (YouTube)

Cabot, Underworld (dailymotion)

Cast, Hidden (YouTube)

Cervantes, Gaby, Lost and Found (Google video)

Chibbaro, Into the Dangerous World (YouTube)

Colfer, WARP – The Reluctant Assassin (YouTube)

Cremer/Levithan, Invisibility – Author Interview (YouTube)

Crewe, The Lives We Lost (YouTube)

Authors D-L

Dashner, Eye of Minds (YouTube)

Flinn, Towering (YouTube)

Flores, Jumped In (YouTube)

Fukuda, Hunt (YouTube)

Gaiman, Unnatural Creatures - Short story collection edited by Neil Gaiman (YouTube)

Gated, Parker (YouTube)

Haddix, Sent – Author Interview (YouTube)

Horowitz, Alex Rider Russian Roulette (YouTube)

Lafevers, Grave Mercy (YouTube)

Landy, Playing with Fire (YouTube)

Laybourne, Sky on Fire (YouTube)

London, Proxy (YouTube)

Lore, Fall of Five (YouTube)

Authors M-Z

Maclean, Nix Minus One (YouTube)

Martin, End Games (YouTube)

McNeal, Far Far Away (YouTube)

Miranda, Hysteria (YouTube)

Mull, Spirit Animals – Wild Born (YouTube)

Nielsen, False Prince (YouTube)

Patrick, Just Like Fate (YouTube)

Quick, Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock – Author Interview (YouTube)

Roth, Allegiant – Author Interview (YouTube)

Sanderson, Steelheart (YouTube)

Stroud, Screaming Staircase (YouTube)