Roberts at Chemeketa High School

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Teen Parent Program, Connections, SK-Online, Literacy Center and Winema Program are all part of ROBERTS HIGH SCHOOL AT CHEMEKETA!

Roberts High School at Chemeketa

Buildings 50 and 51
4071 Winema Pl NE,
Salem, OR 97305

Phone: 503-399-3247

Fax: 503-375-7871

Roberts at Chemeketa Fact sheet

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Options-Based School for 9-12th Grade

Roberts High School at Chemeketa is an options-based school serving students in 9-12 grades. As a regional school, Roberts at Chemeketa accepts students from Salem-Keizer and surrounding districts to attend school and earn credits. Roberts at Chemeketa is a partnership between Salem-Keizer School District and Chemeketa Community College; the school is located on the Chemeketa campus. Staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of students while in high school and beyond.

Flexible schedules

Students in Roberts at Chemeketa can enjoy flexible schedules that include in-person, accelerated and college-taught courses. As a wrap around school, we focus on the services and resources students need to successfully accomplish their goals. Roberts at Chemeketa believes each student should be at the center of their own learning, so students develop educational plans, design projects and engage in internships designed to support their learning. Each student at Roberts at Chemeketa is paired with an advisor who supports students in their educational path.


If you are interested in attending Roberts at Chemeketa, you can fill out the application below.

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Note to new applicants

Students wishing to attend Roberts at Chemeketa and earn credit toward graduation will be enrolled with a start date of Monday, December 6th.

Applications received between November 1 and December 5 will be processed with a December 6th start date.

Students wishing to pursue their GED will be enrolled as their applications are processed.

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Class Schedules

Class Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Late Start Wednesday

Period 1 8:30-9:30 10:30-11:10
Period 2 9:35-10:35 11:15-11:55
Period 3 10:40-11:40 12:00-12:40
Lunch 11:40-12:10 12:40-1:10
Period 4 12:15-1:15 1:15-1:55
Period 5 1:20-2:20 2:00-2:40
Period 6 2:25-:3:25 2:45-3:25