Roberts at Chemeketa High School
formerly TPP, SK Online, Connections, and Winema

Pathways for all learners

Roberts High School at Chemeketa

Buildings 50 and 51
4071 Winema Pl NE,
Salem, OR 97305

Phone: 503-399-3247

Fax: 503-375-7871

Roberts at Chemeketa Fact sheet

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Choose your own pathway!

When it comes to completing high school, you have options. Roberts at Chemeketa provides high school students opportunities and options for how they want school to serve them. R@C students work with their counselor and their advisor to develop an educational plan that will meet their needs.

Our mission is to empower all students to make their own pathway, and we are here to provide the resources and the opportunities for them to thrive and progress toward their goals.

Become a Spartan

Complete high school your way

R@C Spartans are motivated to complete high school with either a diploma or a GED.

More personal classroom environments

R@C Spartans want a more personized setting, with smaller class sizes, fewer distractions, and a smaller campus.

Resources to help you succeed

R@C Spartans access resources such as childcare, mental health, internships, and academic supports.

Different learning style options

R@C Spartans learn in many different ways, that’s why we have 3-week accelerated courses, fully online courses, hands-on and project-based courses, college courses, and GED courses to meet the needs and learning styles of all students.

How to choose Roberts and become a Spartan for the next school year

If you would like to be considered for Roberts at Chemeketa, please speak to your school counselor.

Salem-Keizer Students

Current Salem-Keizer students and families can request a referral to Roberts by connecting with your school-based counselor, mentors, graduation coaches and other school personnel. 

Salem-Keizer School Staff

Counselors, mentors, graduation coaches and other school personnel can also refer students to Roberts at Chemeketa using the Staff Referral form.

Outside Salem-Keizer

If you are a student or school staff member outside of Salem Keizer, please email us with the information below and we will reach you to discuss enrollment:

  • your name (parent/guardian)
  • student name
  • contact information (email, phone number)

Roberts High School at Chemeketa Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8:00am – 3:25pm

Wednesdays Late Start

9:00am – 3:25pm

2022-23 Bell Schedule