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4071 Winema Place NE, Bldg 50
Salem, OR 97305

What is the Teen Parent Program?

The Roberts High School Teen Parent Program is an alternative education program designed to offer a specialized curriculum and other services, to meet the needs of young parents, including mothers who are pregnant and teens that are parenting. Students take traditional high school coursework, such as Language Arts or Math courses, but have other classes available to them that are related to and meet their specific needs. Prenatal health and health-based parenting courses are examples.  The Teen Parent Program is staffed by Salem-Keizer Public Schools employees and serves the needs of students in the Salem-Keizer area.

The program serves approximately 90 students and believes in meeting the individual needs of each student.  Students work toward a high school diploma like they would receive in the other Salem-Keizer area high schools but also have specialized onsite services available to them. There is a high quality child development center operated by Salem-Keizer Public Schools that meets the educational, social, and emotional needs of the children while their parents attend classes.  Department of Human Services (DHS), Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), and Marion County Health Department are a few of the other on-site resources available. Head Start has an onsite classroom for preschool ago children also.

TEEN PARENT Program Schedule

Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.

Period 1 8:30-9:30

Period 2 9:35-10:35
Period 3 10:40-11:40
Lunch 11:40-12:10
Period 4 12:15-1:15
Period 5 1:20-2:20
Period 6 2:25-3:25


Period 1 8:30-9:20
Period 2 9:25-10:15
Period 3 10:20-11:10
Lunch 11:10-11:40
Period 4 11:45-12:35
Period 5 12:40-1:30
Period 6 1:35-2:25