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Downtown Learning Center (DTLC) & the GED Program

What is the GED?

Passing the tests of General Education Development (GED) certifies that the GED completer has high school level academic skills. GED offers an opportunity to earn high school credentials to people who did not finish high school. GED tests are administered at 3,520 sites in the United States, Canada, and overseas. Nearly 14 percent of all high school credentials issued in the United States are GED certificates. Many well-known public figures have completed high school by passing the GED tests including Peter Jennings, ABC News Anchor, entertainer Jessica Simpson, country singer Waylon Jennings, Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton, actor/comedian/author Bill Cosby, actress Kelly McGillis, entrepreneur Wally “Famous” Amos, US Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, New Jersey Governor Jim Florio, actor/director Charles Dutton, and actor/comedian Chris Rock.

Why work for a GED?

Both the GED and a high school diploma are useful for employment or higher education. Many employers do accept a GED certificate. Completion of the GED qualifies the student to enter any Oregon community college. High average GED scores qualify for entry into Oregon public colleges and universities. Students should check with prospective employers, universities, colleges, or armed services regarding acceptability of a GED.

Is there a cost to students for the GED?

Yes. Financial assistance may be available to qualifying students.

How do I earn a GED and how longwill it take?

To earn a GED certificate, a student must pass tests in foure areas: language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics. The Downtown Learning Center conducts screening tests to determine the student’s skill levels. For most students with at least 10th grade academic skills, it takes about three months to complete preparation and testing. Students are expected to attend five days per week.

Who can take the GED?

A GED student must be at least 16, and have at least a 10th grade reading level, and be at least a year behind his or her graduating class to be eligible for the Roberts High School GED program. Students also need some form of state-issued ID, including a permit, driver’s license, or DMV ID card. A student whose reading level is below 10th grade may qualify for the Literacy Support Program at the Roberts Annex Literacy Center until their reading level is increased.

Are there accommodations for students with learning disabilities?

Yes. Students with any condition that qualifies them for an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may apply for special testing accommodations, which may include extra time, private room, breaks, etc.

Contact your school counselor or graduation coach for GED enrollment information.

Enrollment is subject to approval of the Roberts High School Clearinghouse process.

*If you have not attended high school this school year, then you may contact the Downtown Learning Center directly at 503-399-3421.


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