2023 Roberts Credit Recovery Summer School Application

If you need to make up some credits and are a current Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior, you can apply for Roberts Credit Recovery Summer School. Summer school will be held June 26-July 26.

If you are an Out-Of-District student wishing to enroll in Roberts Credit Recovery Summer School, you need to first enroll with one of the Salem-Keizer High Schools. We are NOT accepting applications from students who are not currently registered in Salem-Keizer.

Please contact your school counselor before filling out this application. Be advised that you must complete the entire application at once. You will not be able to save and continue the application at a later time. You will need to log in to your Salem-Keizer sponsored Google account to access the link.

We are excited about this opportunity to work with you this Summer. If you have any further questions, please call Marianne Silvestre 971-332-3691 or Jeanette Aguirre at 971-600-1994 or call the school directly at 503-399-5550.

List of classes being offered

S/K correlating courseCourse numbercategory
English 9 CompLW201P1ELA
English 9 LitLL201P2ELA
English 10 CompLW301P1ELA
English 10 LitLL301P2ELA
English 11 CompLW401P1ELA
English 11 LitLL401P2ELA
English 12 sem 1LW403P1ELA
English 12 sem 2LW403P2ELA
Career SkillsBC101PXFine Arts
Online Digital CitizenshipXT111PXElective
Business Leadership (Intro to Entrepreneurship)BV304P1Fine Arts
Intro to Business (Intro to Business)BV201PXFine Arts
Wellness 1HZ201PXHealth
Wellness 2HZ202PXHealth
PE (semester)PZ201PXPE
Algebra 1 sem 1MA201P1Math
Algebra 1 sem 2MA201P2Math
Geometry sem 1MG301P1Math
Geometry sem 2MG301P2Math
Algebra 2 sem 1MA401P1Math
Algebra 2 sem 2MA401P2Math
Financial Alg. sem 1MA302P1Math
Financial Alg. sem 2MA302P2Math
Earth ScienceSE301PXScience
Environmental ScienceSB304PXScience
Physics and Chemical Systems sem 1SP403P1Science
Physics and Chemical Systems sem 2SP403P2Science
Biological Systems sem 1SB304P1Science
Biological Systems sem 2SB304P2Science
20th Century 2 sem 1DH301P1Social Science
20th Century 2 sem 2DH301P2Social Science
Consumer EconomicsDE302PXSocial Science
World Geography sem 1DG202P1Social Science
World Geography sem 2DG202P2Social Science
American Gov'tDC302PXSocial Science
Alternative Ed (GED)YZ005SXGED
Spanish 1 sem 1FS201P1Fine Arts
Spanish 1 sem 2FS201P2Fine Arts
Spanish 2 sem 1FS301P1Fine Arts
Spanish 2 sem 2FS301P2Fine Arts

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