Our state report card offers a comprehensive view of all of the Roberts High School Programs. Our mission at Roberts is that “We do whatever it takes to empower ALL students to grow into positive and contributing world citizens.” We believe that all students deserve a comprehensive education that promotes college and career readiness. We offer a smaller learning environment, behavior support and academic recovery in all of our programs. We celebrate the improvement and growth for all of our students. In 2016-2017, Roberts continued to expand the ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) program while finding internships and opportunities for our students to be involved in the community. Both of these opportunities help students look beyond high school in both education and training.

Roberts believes in lifelong learning, the success of all students and inspiring a growth mindset that urges effort and enhancement. To realize this vision, we will continue to focus on instruction aligned to the Common Core State Standards, student supports and family collaboration. As always, we thank you for being involved in your child’s education and for being partners with us to ensure our students are college and career ready. You can help by monitoring your student’s homework, attending parent-teacher conferences and volunteering at the school and the ASPIRE program. We view parents, teachers and students as a team and for students to reach their full potential, the team needs to work together.

Roberts State Report Card 16-+17

Roberts High School 2016-17- State Report Card – English 

Roberts High School 2016-17- State Report Card – Spanish